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Suggestions Sought For Clinic

Last year I asked the members of ridecamp to send me their ideas for a
"curiculum" of a distance riding clinic. Do to insurance problems our small
local association decided against attmpting a clinic. However, the idea is
being seriously considered by another larger association that I belong to,
here in the Mid-Atlantic area. We are starting the discussion/planning stage
now, well in advance of a possible spring date. I was given lots of good
ideas from riders about what they would like to see at a clinic. Some very
valuable ideas were passed to me by people who had participated in putting
on distance riding clinics. Now, I'm hoping that you will take some time and
send me your ideas and suggestions again. I'm searching for my old documents
that I hope I moved from my old PC to this one. Meanwhile, please send me
your thoughts again.


1. Would you like to attend a multi-day clinic where you could camp with
your horse and do a combination of lectures and trail riding?

2. If you aren't ready to camp with your horse yet , would you still attend
a multi-day clinic?

3. What topics are of most interest to you?

	Saddle types and fitting


	Analyzing your feed program	



	Training - ground work and undersaddle

	Dental care


	Conformation and picking an endurance horse

	How to camp with your horse (pen types, tying, etc)

	AERC and ECTRA CTR rules and regulations (ECTRA is local CTR

	Ride Vet checks (what to do and expect during a competition)


Hope to hear from as many of you as possible.

Bonnie Snodgrass


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