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National Championship Bashing

I could very eaisly make most of the same arguments about the Pan
American Championship as I seen made about the National Championship.
For example - the qualifications are too lax for that caliber of race,
how dare you call the winner of just one ride the Pan American Champion
- which is the champion of half the world - it was held on the East
coast and it was too hard to, etc.!

So could someone please tell me why we don't see any bashing of the Pan
American Championship and we see all the bashing of the NC?

In a race only one horse wins. Why is this okay for the Pan Am and not
the NC?  Just what is it that gets into so many people's craw about the
National Championship?

Don't get me worng the winner of the Pan Am is the Pan Americian
Champion because she went out and won it the old fashion way she worked
hard, rode smart and earned it just as the winners of the NC are the
National Champions because they went out and did the same.


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