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Tent camping

Jonni <>
I started in distance rides with a camper shell on the back of the truck.
I would put my sleeping bag in there, had a battery powered light, and ice
chest. Actually had it all set up, so when I got to camp, I did not even
have to roll out the bed! You can find them used, for cheaper than some
tents. No worry about a loose horse running over your tent, you are dry,
and no set up!!! Leave it on the truck, and you can still haul stuff in
the truck bed...but now it can be locked up, and stay dry as you shop in
the rain! Can be found for under $100 in some areas, or you can spend big
bucks to match the truck if you want. (my truck was old and ugly)

Next, we went to used 8'cab over camper. Had stove/oven that worked, and
ice box. Bought for $75!!!!!!! Sold years later, and leaking MUCH worst
for $85.  Now we have a nice 9.5' cab over camper that we LOVE. Spent 9
weeks on the road in it for XP2001. Yes, you either leave them on all the
time, or deal with putting on and off the truck between rides. I can load
or unload it from truck in about 30 min. alone. Practice makes perfect! We
camp without horses once and awhile, so this works better than a LQ

The most primitive camping I did at a ride was sleeping in the trailer, or
inside the truck. The camper shell was a step up!<grin>

Jonni in Texas where our camper is the minority to LQ trailers. But we
love it, and no plans to change.

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