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Re: Re: Tent Camping

Hi Marlene -
I have a Dodge Ram... It won't fit  :>(
Thanks anyway -
Cheryl in WNY
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From: Marlene Moss
To: 'Cheryl Ann' ;
Sent: Saturday, November 03, 2001 6:09 PM
Subject: RE: Re: Tent Camping


I have one and really liked using it Ė quicker to set up than a regular tent.  We set it up with a mattress and sleeping bags and all our close and miscellaneous inside and then collapse it for traveling.  Then weíre all set in just a few minutes. 


We bought a gooseneck which will eventually have LQ, so we arenít using it anymore.  Itís for a Chevy and Iíll sell it for $50 plus shipping if anyone is interested.




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