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Re: dressage & endurance

I have a Wintec 2000 Dressage, one made before the Easy Change gullets.  I 
love it!  It is very comfortable for me, my horse doesn't hate it (high 
praise) and it is so easy to care for.  The tree CAN be changed by a saddle 
maker.  It is a well made saddle, and I rode a bunch of LDs in it with no 
problems for me or my horse.  I also have a Wintec Sport Dressage, even 
older.  It was my first Conditioning and Endurance saddle, and also worked 
good.  If you ever decide to show Dressage, Wintecs are accepted in the show 
ring at least in the lower levels.  You can probably get a used one on eBay 
or by looking in the want ads for even less than new.  Don't know if I'd 
worry about the CAIR panels, have no experience with them.  As I see it, just 
another thing to add to the cost, with no track record.  jeri

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