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Gaited horses Resting HR

 Raven the gaited KMSH i rode in Tevis vetted in at a 34 bpm pulse  i
monitored this unusual horse resting at  minus 26 bpm. Every vet check low
40's   good bye to 15 horses at the vet check each time and then maintained
 through the day. This  Horse went on to finish the Tevis and the
Monumental Virginia City 100 the next mo. then on back to Oregon to another
50.  The other KentuckyMt. Horse is near me to also get ready  for next
years Tevis with the Walz Family. Ill have an article soon out on the ride
with Raven.
 With proper conditioning and vets willing to accept the  Gaited Breed  and
other non- arabs into the sport they will succeed.  se

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