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Re: The Coffee Question

How bout the old fashioned kind...ya know..the on that perks on the
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Sent: Friday, October 19, 2001 9:11 AM
Subject: RC: The Coffee Question

> Kris,
> Since I am known amongst my friends and family as being a bit of a
> coffee snob and aficionado, I'll share what has worked for me in
> previous camping scenarios.  Both at home and in the woods, I use a
> French Press coffee maker.  None of the flavorful oils found in
> coffee get trapped in a paper filter, and it doesn't require
> electricity.  I grind my beans at home before leaving (a compromise,
> I know!), and add two coffee-bean measuring scoops per mug to the
> bottom of the french press.  Get some water boiling on the campfire
> (or propane stove) and add it just as it reaches boiling into the
> pot.  Fill up to where the top of the band is, or just below where
> the spout is.  Stir with a spoon to get all the beans moistened and
> let it brew for four minutes.  I bring a kitchen timer with me for
> accuracy; that, and I am easily distracted, especially that early in
> the morning before coffee, so I'm readily reminded without
> over-extracting the coffee.  When the timer goes off, I press the
> "plunger" down, and "Voila!" - delicious, freshly-brewed coffee.
> They have plastic French Press pots available, as well as those with
> glass carafes, and they start in the $15-20 range.  I find that
> french-press coffee isn't quite as bitter as percolator coffee, but
> it basically starts with how you prefer your coffee.  I imagine
> you'll get quite a few excellent responses, so I wish you the best of
> luck in finding which one works best for you.
> Kindest Regards,
> Tracey Ritter
> Portland, OR
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> Tracey Ritter, on 10/19/2001
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