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Re: RC: Dog Rules

 I started to post something about AERC making a rule about dogs as well.
However, aren't ride managers the ruling body at their own rides? Can't
you ride managers throw out, or not allow trouble makers to stay in camp?
 Why does AERC have to make a rule? Why can't the riders just get a few
together approach the ride manager en mass and do something about it? If
dogs are really THAT much trouble, then just boycott rides that allow
them! Or the responsible dog owners and other riders need to get on the
irresponsible ones. 
 America was not founded on the idea that ruling bodies make rules for
every little problem that comes along. It was founded on the idea the
people, individuals, could police themselves. I am sure that Howard, Jim
and our other military people did not fight for our freedoms, only to
have us turn right around and ask the "government" (or in this case AERC)
to micro manage our lives (or rides). 
 I am sure there is a way to "pressure" those bad apples to either
control their dogs, or leave! Whether it be from the other riders and dog
owners, or ride management. Don't go running to AERC every time you stub
your toe on something. DO something about it! 
In His Hands,
Lisa P.
Riding: the art of keeping a horse between yourself and the ground.

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