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Re: Cinches

Hi Libby,
Like everything else, it seems, the best cinch for your horse may not be
what I have found that most of my horses like. Depends on the saddle, your
riding style and the build of your horse. With my  OrthoFlex Cutback
Endurance saddle, I use the contoured leather and neoprene cinch that came
with the saddle when I purchased it used. Horses ( I have five) seem to like
it just fine. Then after two years, I must have cinched too tightly and she
got a minor gall so for my next ride I will use my Professional's Choice
neoprene dressage cinch which has never given my horses a problem. One of my
mares is very "cinchy" and sensitive and I have found that she is most happy
with a dressage cinch which has elastic to the buckles on both ends. It is
in a neoprene sleeve and I purchased it at our local dressage shop. I have a
mohair dressage girth for when I use my all purpose saddle and I don't
really like the way it feels when it is cinched up so I only use it for
lessons and short trail rides. I have two other Orthoflex cinches which are
neoprene and these have seen a lot of use with all  my saddles with no ill
effects. Hope you find one that works for you.
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> Libby Morris
> I am wondering what type of cinch is best.  I currently use a felt cinch,
> but I know several people use the mohair.  With so many diffrent types to
> choose from, I would just like some input from others with more experience
> on long distance riding.
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