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Re: RC: Really important question


You can buy a "Percolator" coffee pot from most any outdoor store that
will work on your Coleman stove.  You can tear off a piece of paper
towel for a filter.  These are the "old timey" coffee pots before "Drip
Coffeemakers" were around.  Just be careful not to "overperk" (perk it
too long) or let it boil over.  

What I use most of the time, especially on ride morning is a "French
Press".  It's just a glass "pitcher" with a "plunger" that goes in the
top.  Boil water in a pan or whatever. (I use a small tea pot)  Place
your ground coffee in the bottom of the "pitcher" and pour the boiling
water over it.  Let it sit for 5 minutes, then insert the "plunger",
pushing the grounds to the bottom.  Pour and enjoy.  Simple, easy to
clean.  The coffee is better than perked coffee, too.  You will need to
experiment with how much coffee to use. Pick one up at Lecters, Walmart,
etc....they're pretty common.

Jim, Sun of Dimanche, and Mahada Magic

Kris Givens wrote:
> Ok, I know someone here who does rides has some help for me on this one:
> I love my morning coffee.  However, the two rides I've attended do not
> have electricity so my coffee maker won't work.  How do I perk coffee on
> a Coleman stove?  Also, what sort of contraption do I need to get to do
> this?
> I just know I'm so much more human and ready to ride if I have coffee
> versus the brewed tea I carry in the cooler first thing in the morning.
> Kris and Nyke and Kolter
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