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US Cavalry Association

This sounds like it would be kinda fun to watch!

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From: Jerry L. Russell [] 
Sent: Thursday, October 18, 2001 8:35 PM
Subject: US Cavalry Association



2002 National Cavalry Competition And Field Days

Ft. Sill, Oklahoma
17 April - 20 April 2002

The major "objective" of the U.S. Cavalry Association is to preserve the
history, equipment, heritage and traditions of the cavalry from
Revolutionary War to the present. Throughout the history of our great
nation the cavalry has ridden to the call of "Boots and Saddles" and has
performed it's missions heroically. Its contributions to the development of
our nation and the preservation of peace are unparalleled in the annals of
military history. It is the Association's desire to capture and keep alive
these traditions, which were so much a part of the life and times of the

As early as the 1860s" cavalry troop commanders were required
to conduct mounted saber and pistol courses twice a year. The names of the
two best troopers in each company were announced in regimental orders. In
the 1880s" a Colonel Laidley created and Army-wide marksmanship program,
resulting in the first marksmanship badges. Competitions were help at post,
department and Army levels. In the 1920s" the Goodrich Trophy was created
to recognize the best cavalry troop, based on weapons proficiency and other
tasks. In the 1930s" Posts always held field days and horse shows that
included jumping and dressage demonstrations. Until the outbreak of World
War II" the nation's Olympic equestrian team was composed primarily of
cavalrymen. Today the army still has a marksmanship program. The Rangers
Regiment has its Ranger Challenge. Tank crewman use their gunnery skills to
compete for Howze Trophy. But with the advent of mechanization, cavalry
competition, along with its history, was gone. But no more. The U.S.
Cavalry Association has begun preparation to reinstate the glory days of
the cavalry and turn back history. In keeping with its mission, It Offers
the call and challenge to trooper's nation wide,  "Boots and

The sounds of horses <en masse> and the sight of military
riders being tested in martial equitation skills will once again grace the
historic grounds of Ft. Sill, Oklahoma. The United States Cavalry
Association is proud to present  "The 2002 National Cavalry Competition"
from Wednesday 17 April - Saturday 20 April 2002.

Competition will take
place at the Ft. Sill Polo Field and what has been called one of the
greatest cavalry training grounds in the "U.S." Rucker Park. Rucker Park
was designed and built in 1930 to train the 1936 Olympic Team. Before Ft.
Sill was the home of the field artillery, it was occupied by many cavalry
regiments that were renowned in pride and accomplishment. The spectacle of
military horseman engaged in trials of skill has always been one of
grandeur, grace and thrilling action. This event will be no different.

National Cavalry Competition will be open to active-reserve-retired
military, living historians, reenactors, mounted police officers and modern
day competitors such as three day eventers. One of the criteria to compete
is that any competitor must compete in a military or police uniform from
any era including modern. "Revolutionary War period thru WWII 1940s".along
with the appropriate tack. (Third Reich/Nazi impressions will not be
permitted.) Only one saddle & horse is allowed per rider. Rules and
regulations will be "forthcoming" and will also be available at the U. S.
Cavalry Association website. The United States Combined Training
Association (USCTA) and the American Horse Shows Association. (AHSA) And
The Cowboy Mounted Shooters Association (CMSA) are in support of this
event, however, they cannot officially sanction this event for "point"

Seven classes of competition
1. Mounted pistol
2. Mounted Saber Competition
3. Company/Platoon Drill
4.Military Equitation/
5.Cross Country Competition
period Authenticity Competition 
7. Buglers Competition

Riders can enter
in any or all of the six events. In order to qualify for the best overall
rider award, the competitor must compete in three mounted events with the
Military Equitation as a mandatory element for consideration.

arrangements are being developed to accommodate period housing (tentage)
and a proper quadrangle. This will be designed with company streets for
officers and enlisted personnel with appropriate picket line facilities. A
nearby area will be available for modern camping such as horse trailers
w/living quarters.

Other activities will include 100 years of time line
encampment, all periods of cavalry camps on display. Sponsors and sutlers
to "display. Opening ceremony with "pass in review". Friday night "silent
auction" and dinner. Saturday "awards banquet" and "induction

The United States Cavalry Association is fully committed to
presenting a safe, challenging, and historic event for the competitor and
spectator. "For rider of all skill levels"; the three-day event will offer
competitive challenge and excitement to competitors of all skill levels.
Awards and ribbons will be awarded in all categories. Prize pool and
"give-aways" will be a huge part of the events activities. We hope you will
make plans now to be part of this historic event as a competitor or
spectator. The "Association" is looking for staff organizers and

For information on attendance and to order a registration
packet, you can contact us at.

United States Cavalry Association
P.O. Box
Fort Riley Kansas 66442

Jerry L. Russell
Civil War Round Table Associates
We Who Study Must Also Strive To Save!

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