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Sarcoid update

For anyone wondering or who may have to go through this themselves...
The X-terra worked wonderfully. The whole thing hardened and crusted and
then fell off. It left the whole area of tumor filled in by pink, healthy
new skin. Great stuff and only 50 dollars and I have plenty more to treat
should it ever recur. For those that may have to deal with a Sarcoid-this is
the way to go. Even planning on doing a good twenty mile loop on Sat. - sans
breastcollar of course!
My new farrier is great! Shoes lots of endurance horses including the 25th
place finisher at Tevis this year. What a difference! He shoes the back so
that they slide a bit and don't grab for that big trot. Nice guy-and honest!
Looked at the barefoot mare and said that she was fine, didn't need a trim,
no chips, the feet looked great. Also said if he trimmed her, he would just
unbalance her-her feet are wearing in the most balanced, natural fashion
possible. Cool.

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