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Re: Yet another 1st LD is this weekend buuuuut....

If the bump does not hurt, or otherwise make her uncomfortable, I don't see where it would be a problem- If the vet thinks she needs to go on antibiotics, though, then you would not be able to ride, as you would be in violation of the drug rule.
Laura Hayes
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From: Patti Pankiewicz-Fuchs
Sent: Thursday, October 18, 2001 3:14 PM
Subject: RC: Yet another 1st LD is this weekend buuuuut....

Leaving tommorow for Far Out Forest and am running through my "things that could go wrong list".........

A week ago Saturday, the barn owner (in my presence) pulled a big splinter out of Mercedes' neck. There was lump there, just a little bigger then it is right now. The puncture (small) has since completely healed over. Never oozed anything, never any heat in it, and it doesn't seem to cause her any pain at all. But there's this about 2-3" by 1" hard lump on the side (just about the middle) of her neck. She's acting/eating/drinking/peeing/riding totally normal.

My vet should be stopping by to check it out this afternoon. She was away till this week, that's why I haven't had her out sooner. If we leave it alone, do you think it will affect the vet deciding on whether or not we can start? To me, 'course I'm not a vet, doesn't seem to be an issue at all. Presumably, we'll have to lance the lump (actually, I have no clue yet) but either way...would it be better to wait till after the ride? Ok, I'm starting to babble here, but does anyone think I'll get a hassle going through check-in? Don't get me wrong, if I thought this lump was affecting how she feels AT ALL I would NOT do the ride. There's plenty more coming up. But at the same time I'd hate to cancel...hubby and I both took off work, blah blah blah if this is nothing at all to worry about.


Patti & Mercedes (What's all this talk about deep sand, Mom? Are we going to the beach again?)

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