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RE: RC: Dealing with injured people (long)

Susan Nance
You have voiced a valid concern. Where does the liability go when the
person is not a rider? I attended a ride when a horse panicked and ran
through the electric corral. The horse bolted through camp and ran over a
friend as we were trying to get out of the way. She ended up with a
concussion and was seen in the emergency room. So...she didn't sign any
waivers or anything. Is this on the ride managements insurance or
liability? (BTW, the horse had to be destroyed, unfortunatley. It was a
very traumatic event for all)
Second question. I have riden several rides this year and had to attend to
a person kicked by another horse while waiting to vet through, and three
people suffering from heat strokes. This was usually done while I was
waiting to vet my horse through and I had someone to take care of my horse
while I attended these folks. Are ride managers going to have to make
arrangements for some sort of help or is everyone on their own?
Sue #819

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