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Re: CofferDam Closing meeting

Hi Folks: I attended the meeting, it was a standing room only meeting. In
excess of one hundred attended, including staff.
    At the beginning of the meeting a poll was taken at the request of a

    The request that was made to all that were in attendance, was to please
stand if they were in favor of retaining the trails ( Coffer Dam, other
trails and bridge) The response was least 85% of the people in (virtually
all) in attendance stood. They then again voiced this approval so that the
stenographer could record the poll..
    All speakers that addressed the BOR and PCWA spoke of retaining the
trail connections. There were representatives of numerous trail user groups
not only equestrians that spoke in favor of retaining the trails including
the rafting community. Some suggested that a low water crossing be used and
or a ferry system for the river crossings.
    There was also a request that the landscape along the river also be
restored with vegetation and natural contouring of the area. This was as
impact of the failure of the old coffer dam as well as the closure and
removal of unused roads.
    There is a need to dispose of some 800,000 cubic yards of rock and
debris, some have suggested that it be placed inside of the existing tunnel
bypass, as well as restoring the "Moonscape" area adjacent to the river

Hope this helps, if anyone has any other questions just write.

Thanks to all that attended from near and far. I personally believe the
"powers that be" recieved a positive united message from the public to
retain the trails and provide us with a bridge as mitigation.
Steven Proe

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> lenita prentiss
> Could someone who went to the meeting in Auburn concerning the Coffer Dam
> closing, give us and update about that? I couldn't go because of that
> 4-letter word, Work! Thanx
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