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Re: RC: Re: Dixie Midnight V. Supracor?

I have a vent pad from Tucker Saddlery.  I love it but when they sold it to me
they instructed me to put the "looser" side (the smooth side, you called it)
toward the horse.  DM, and one other dealer I know of, specify the other way.
Anyone know the reasoning behind this?  The other company said with the other
side against the horse it acted like a back massage.  Tucker said the smooth
side to increase airflow.  I've only used it with the smooth side toward the
horse; worked fine.   may have to try it the other way to see if Akela has a
preference!  Either way it's some of the best money ever spent!

Sue Brown wrote:

> looks like a giant Grooma mitt made into a pad with a smooth side and a
> bumpy side.  The bumpy side goes down on the horse's back...which is
> probably why it doesn't slide.  The sheepskin grips the smooth side well
> also, helping keep the whole combo in place.
> Sue

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