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Exiss Trailers

cate Peloquin
We purchased an Exiss Trailer this spring and have had
quite a few problem with it.  The wiring is the biggest
deal it is prettty bad.  The load lights won't work and the interior
lights won't work.  The ac works when it wants and
won't work if you have other stuff plugged in.  It blows an
occassional circut.  The refridge is slow on propane (won't
work) and the list goes on.  The privacy door in the bathroom is poorly
designed.  The toilet placement is terrible.  It's
in the way of the horse compartment.  The poorly designed list goes on.  I
wish I had it to do all over again.  At least I'd know what not to do!
Upside, it tows like a dream!  It's roomy.
The horses seem to love it.  The slam locks on the dividers are a great
design!  More questions email me

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