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Re: learning about trimming

It's great that you want to know what constitutes a proper trim and what
doesn't.  I do want to say first that some people have a good eye for
balance (lateral, medial, etc.) and some people just don't.  Some can eye an
angle exactly (ok, I can only eye it within 1 or 2 degrees but I'm not the
farrier in the family!).  We have had some people ask Nelson to "show" them
how to trim/rasp their horses and Nelson will do his best to help them.  But
if they don't have an eye for it, they aren't going to get it right.  If
they do have an eye for it, then they may very well be successful.  Most of
the folks who ask just want to do it inbetween regular trimming
appointments.  If you are serious about it, you may want to consider farrier
school down the road.  You may want to ask a farrier you like and trust if
you can do some ride alongs and watch him do LOTS of trims.  At 15, you are
not going to be able to see by just trimming your own horse the number of
trims a farrier sees even in a week or a month.  How will you know if there
is a problem?  You are just the kind of kid Nelson wishes he could find
locally....someone who wants to LEARN.  Go to and read
their articles and check out their message boards and ask lots of questions.
Buy some books (Doug Butler's Principles of Horseshoeing comes to mind) and
READ, READ, READ.  Learn all the workings of the legs and feet and what can
cause problems with both, externally and internally.  There is A LOT to
learn.  Farriery is a specialty for a reason.  Nelson is a full time
professional... that is the type of farrier you need to find.  Someone who
does it for a living and has been doing it for a long time.  Feel free to
contact me or Nelson with any questions you may have.  I am sure other
farriers on RC may have more advice and suggestions for you.  Just BE
CAREFUL and do your homework!  Good luck!

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