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Hey Mister Taliban

I don't know about ya'll, but I'm sick and tired of being scared by these creeps.  I've just about had enough of this crap.  I gotta tell ya, being old and decrepit like I am, I've not been scared at all. Just sad, depressed and then angry.  Maybe I'm like them and want to die. 
I did cry a lot, and sometimes I still do.  When I see them take out another body from ground zero, a month later after the attacks, the body covered in an American Flag, I still lose it.  But, not for long.  I'm so damn angry, so pissed off. 
I really think that if we all put our heads together we can find out who the heck is mailing this stupid anthrax powder. Almost seems like a joke compared to what they did on Sept 11th.  Heck, I used to work at the Post office (only lasted a month; damn tough job), and have nothing but respect for those who work there.  Whoever's doing it feeds on our fear.  Take that fear away from them, and they will die.  And die they must.  They leave us no other choice.
Anyway, be brave.  Ride armed to the teeth; they ain't got no scanners in my neck of the woods.  Watch your neighbors back and pay attention; but don't change one thing that you would normally do because of these sickos.  Give them no ground, show them no weakness, and stay united like we've never been before. And for God sakes, BUY AMERICAN. Some of your neighbors are now unemployed because of these madmen; help save their jobs.  I'm even considering starting to fly (don't worry, only as a passenger); and ya'll know how I feel about airplanes.  But, that was then and this is now.  I've had enough.
Hey Mister Taliban, Taliban Banana,
Air Force come and they flatten your home
Stay up all night, try to sleep by day.
Air Force Come and they flatten your home
We bomb all night til the morning come
Air Force come and they flatten your home.
Dayyyyyo, Dayyyooooo,
Air Force Come and they flatten your home
Come All you Taliban,
Give us your Bin Laden,
Air Force Come and they flatten your home
 Support our troops, with every breath you take. 

    Check it Out!    

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