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Re: RC: Slant-loads/head-dropping/shipping fever

I was told that if you have a manger or something preventing the horse from 
dropping his head directly - give the horse enough lead in the trailer tie 
to get his head down and cough.

Lisa LeChatton
Garland, Tx

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Subject: RC:  Slant-loads/head-dropping/shipping fever
Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2001 05:58:36 -0700

Ray O.
   I once read that horses must be able to drop their heads in order to
clear the sinuses,and that in long distance hauling,failure to allow this
is a prescription for respiratory illness/shipping fever.None of the
slant-loads I see seem to allow a horse to drop his head.(Is that
correct?)Certainly it is common for a horse to come out of the trailer
with hs head lowered and blowing several times.Comments?

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