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Re: Del Valle Vulture Venture

Patty Jackson
I went for the 25 miles.  It was a great ride.  When I got to
the camp, I was assisted in finding a parking spot.  The camp
area was nice with plenty of water.  The trail was much tougher
than I expected, with many large hills.  But the trails were wide
and the scenery was spectacular.  Most of the way we rode around
a lake.  The trail was clearly marked.  At the half way check
point, there was a nice volunteer who offered to hold my horse
since I had nowhere to tie.  Ride management came to help me find
everything I had trucked in for the check point.  What service!
They had a barbeque lunch going, and plenty of vets available so
there was no standing in line.

This ride is definitely worth doing again.  Everyone involved in
putting this on did such a wonderful job.  If any of the ride
volunteers are reading this:  Thank you all.

Hey, maybe we can all send thank you cards to Del Valle park

Oh, and I did see a lot of Vultures and one tarantula!

Patty Jackson and
Mia Rabbia

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