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Re: RC: Re: Re: Spooking - Spook and Spin

on 10/7/01 7:37 AM, Linda B. Merims at wrote:

> I prefer to think of it as being the inevitable result of a complex
> equation involving my size, the height of my horse, the magnitude
> of a spook that is strong enough to actually get rid of me, the
> spin it imparts to my body, coupled against the acceleration due to
> earth's gravity.  On Mars, I think I'd land on my shoulders :-)

I think you are right. My mare is 14.2, I'm 5'9" and she is athletic as
heck. I have only come off once but it sure seems like it was due to me
having too much weight on top and her being so small and catlike. She never
spins, but does an amazing whoosh to spread all four in place. Fun ,but
distracting. She can also levitate at a full gallop.
BTW, vet diagnosed a sarcoid tumor. Anyone have experience? Am using stuff
called X-terra. Supposed to apply for four day and then is sloughs off.
Cheaper and more effective than freezing or excising it. On her chest where
the breastcollar goes. She says is isn't horrible, but not completely
benign. Vets, any input?

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