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Re: Re: Spooking - Spook and Spin

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From: "JOHN AYERS" <>
Subject: Re: Re: Spooking - Spook and Spin

> From: Linda B. Merims <>
> Subject: RC: Re: Spooking - Spook and Spin
> >Do those vest thing reach down far enough to protect the base of
> >the tailbone?  When I do go off I almost inevitably land on my butt.
> Is this a "Center-of Gravity" thing (the heaviest part hits first)<g>?
> Hope you are enjoying this beautiful Fall riding/driving weather. I
> am recovering from rotator cuff surgery <ugh>.
> John and Meshack
> Wheelock, VT

I prefer to think of it as being the inevitable result of a complex
equation involving my size, the height of my horse, the magnitude
of a spook that is strong enough to actually get rid of me, the
spin it imparts to my body, coupled against the acceleration due to
earth's gravity.  On Mars, I think I'd land on my shoulders :-)

Hope your shoulder feels better soon.  Were you at the PAC?
I was hoping to see you there, but there were so many people...

Linda B. Merims
Massachusetts, USA

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