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Re: RE: Neat virus stopper trick

I stand by my statement. This "trick" is misleading. Here are some comments from other computer security people:

I rarely offer advice on things I know nothing about. That's while you'll not see me going on about shoeing or equine physiology; I'm too new to riding and the sport. On the other hand, I make my living by supporting computer users. I have to know something about hoaxes and "near hoaxes".

Don't depend on this tip to keep you safe. As I said before, it is limited in its effectiveness. The best things you can do are a) have a current back-up of your system stored somewhere safe; b) don't open attachments unless you are expecting them and know their source; c) get a good 'virus-checker' and keep it up to date; and d) install a personal firewall, learn how to use it, and keep it up to date. Additional steps include updating your Microsoft products with their security patches frequently and educating yourself by studying the good information put out by reputable computer security organizations. Luckily for me that's part of my job description so I don't have to give up time best spent riding.

See you out on the trails,


--- "C. Eyler" wrote:> > To re-iterate; this "tip" does nothing to secure> you> > computer against viral attacts and is only limited> in> > its ability to prevent the spread of viruses and> worms.> > But that's exactly what the post actually said --> this trick won't protect> your computer from viruses (you need a good,> constantly updated anti-virus> program for that), but it will keep you from> unknowingly spreading any> e-mail-based virus you do contract.> > Cindy> >

Jim Beidle

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