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Del Valle Vulture Venture results and Thanks.

The Del Valle Vulture Venture had a wonderful turnout of 85 riders.  We had
82 starters all together; with more riders in our 25 mile limited distance
ride than in our 50 miler!  Weather was perfect and the Del Valle Park
Service was very cooperative and gracious to allow us to use their park!!!

A special thanks goes out to all our many volunteers, of which we could have
never gotten this ride off the ground without them.  Eric Thompson (co ride
manager) for marking trail, Kathy Nixon and Cheryl for running into Costco
on Friday to get stuff we forgot;  A special thanks to Melissa Ribley,
Michelle Shaw, Roger Bruce and Judy Reens for doing an outstanding job at
vetting;  Linda Rogers for all her hard work at the away lunch area;  Bill
Cloud, Doug Holt, Mike Bernsten, and Mike Newburn for their wonderful
cooking; Joe Zimmerman, our farrier, who was putting together trial markers
for us on Friday;  All the other volunteers left unmentioned - I thank you
from the bottom of my heart - you all helped make this a successful ride.

I would also like to express our appreciation to our riders who came and
supported this event.

Finishing Places for the 50 milers:
37 Starters / 33 Finishers / 4 pulls

1  Ed Meyers
2  Cheryl Davidson
3  Barry Waitte
4  Judy Etheridge
5   Leisa Belser
6  Julienne Buxton
7  Maragarethe Harper
8  Dannan Yeagley
9  Michael Black
10  Maryann Maynard
11 Jill Kilty-Newburn
12  Heather Pollard-Krause
13  Mike Tracy
14  Robert Ribley
15  Ray Santana
16  Janet Pucci
17  Robin Hinrichs
18  Cory Soltau
19  Holy Foiles
20  Jeff Luternauer
21  Marci Cook
22  Debbie Wilson
23  Denise Thornton
24  Lori Olsen
25  Sharon Meyers
26  Lenita Prentiss
27  Beth Wachenheim
28  Scott Wachenheim
29  Larry Jayko
30  Katherine Alton
31  Judith Ogus
32  Mike Maul
33  Trilby Peterson

Finishing Places for the 25 milers:
45 Starters / 38 Finishers / 7 pulls

Allison Williams
Wendell Williams
Bob Eaton
Shayne McDonald
Steve Shaw
Jan Kearny
Elaine Tolari
Pamela Loftus
Gary Belser
Roy Cronnelly
Elizabeth Campana
Doreen Jimenez
Teena Padilla
Tiffany Comfort
Celeste Comfort
Rita Mason
Sarah Eaton
Jane Woolley
Betty Stewart
Patricia Jackson
Janet Berkey
Susan Dockter
Jack Weaver
William Coburn
Bob Whiteman
Julienne Rha
Kathy Copeland
Kristi Migliazzo
Deanna Johnson
Eva Beck-Erismann
Johanna Constance
Ellen Bridges
Emily Ebbett
Barbara Sanches
Barbara White
Julie Suhr
Bob Suhr

Come back and join us next year, October 5, 2002, for
The Del Valle Vulture Venture 100/60/25!!!

Jane Cloud
Ride Manager

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