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Post-exercise treatment of the legs away from home

Ray O.
 Y'all are the experts. I run the dickens out of my horse the first day at
a Field Trial,then put him up in late afternoon,on his 24' diameter
tangle-proof stake-out rig.Got a tough day on tap for him
tomorrow.Blanket-maybe.He will keep moving a bit throughout the night,can
roll,graze,eat hay,etc.Good feed,H2O,he's had e-lytes during the day,etc.I
usually brush him out very vigorously when he is dry or until he is
dry,INCLUDING the lower legs,which he seems to enjoy,and it is these lower
legs that I want some input on.Question # 1:Do you cold hose those
legs,late in the day,in cold weather? I generally do,but I did that this
Saturday afternoon and he started trembling!For a minute there I thought
he had thumps!(He didn't.)I walked him in his blanket for a while and he
stopped trembling,but his ears stayed chilly for a long time. Question #
2:How about Absorbine Linament on those lower legs?The product info says
it provides a chilling effect briefly,followed by the linament warmth.
Think I should have just wiped off the mud with a damp towel,and used
linamint? Question # 3:Wraps? I'm leery of anything restrictive,and quite
frankly,I can do without yet another piece of logistics to fool with.(I'm
traveling to these trials with a string of dogs that I'm competing
with,and they have needs as well.)But,if I should wrap his legs with
something ,I will....I guess I can rest when I'm dead.Chico's my buddy.

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