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Re: Why this novice shouldn't have attempted this 50

Hi Deanna, it is Jude from Ohio....this was a ride that I wanted to do
when I saw the flyer this spring, even toying with the idea of doing a
50 because I was under the impression that it was 'rolling' and would be
an easier trail than others in the region offering 50's.

As it turned out, I didn't get to compete in any rides this year due to
other reasons, so neither I nor Redbud would have been in shape to do
any distance!

Your post reminds me why I cringe every time I read someone on Ridecamp
saying that 'any horse can do a 25 - right out of the pasture'......
I just don't agree with that -- too much depends on terrain and
weather/trail conditions.  

I know that you condition your horse well - congratulations on taking
really good care of her in this ride!

Jude Hall
(the trails aren't *that* easy here, folks!)

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