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RE: RC: speaking of pulling . . .

The horse has done at least one 50 (flat) and is 10 years old.  She had a
lot of experience on really tough trails and then I spent a couple years
doing CTR, letting her realize that walking was a gait too!  So she's not in
the shape she was then, but she can handle some really tough climbs.  I'm
sure she can handle more than I can, I just don't want to risk her because
we're both too dumb to stop!

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If that is the horse's first 50, I would just do the 50 and call it a day.
How old is she?

My 14.1 hand TWH, who is just 6, did his first race this weekend and it was
a 50 with a junior rider who was riding her first race also.  It turned out
to be a lot tougher race than we thought but he and the rider did great.  He
came across the finish line pacing his little heart out and happy as he
could be.  He walks, gaits, paces, trots or whatever else he feels like and
we just let him.  Now he gets a rest before we do any more rides.....

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