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Sand as Stall Footing/Colic Question.

Morning folks....

I'm thinking of moving my horse to a new boarding place....closer to some really wonderful trails.
This place is just great!  24x24 pipes with overhang and turn out every day.  It's nestled in a gorgeous canyon with huge trees...well protected from wind and the elements.
The owner uses SAND on the ground in the pipe corral stalls.
He says it can get very muddy in the winter and the sand keeps them from standing knee deep in mud.  Makes sense.
He also says it's a type of sand that doesn't cause colic(!).  Huh?
It's a light, soft, very fine sand.

To be fair......about 1/3 of the stall is covered in rubber matting...where the food and water tubs are, under the overhang.

If I refuse the sand (if allowed), how bad is it for horses to stand in mud.....?
I can't say I like that idea, either....but is that preferable to the sand?

So am I foolish to be concerned or am I foolish to consider this place.
Susan?  Everyone?


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