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Re: Pull codes

Should have been listed as Lame.  RO is only for the rider...ill, tired,

Barbara McCrary
West region director
Chair-Rules Committee

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From: "Dot Wiggins" <>
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Sent: Sunday, October 07, 2001 2:16 PM
Subject: RC: Pull codes

> At a NW ride this summer I vetted thru the first check with all A's and
> trotted out sound.   Waited till out time and within less than a mile the
> horse was "off",   Checked foot, couldn't see anything,  too far to camp
> go on, so returned to vet check.  Lameness was very slight, but still
> obvious, seemed to be better since first noticed.   Vet suggested wait a
> and see if it got better.   It did get less, but we both agreed not good
> enough to continue so pulled and trailered back to camp.
> During slack times for vets we tried to find exactly where the problem was
> as continued to improve.   Only finding was a very small indication of
> tenderness with the hoof testers late in the day.  By that time he
> sound at a trot.
> There was no question that the horse was pulled for lameness.  Was then
> surprized to see in ride results RO listed  under pull code.  Would this
> because I brought the horse back after passing the vet check?
> Doesn't really matter, doesn't change much, just  not quite accurate in
> reasons for non-completions.
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