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Pull codes

At a NW ride this summer I vetted thru the first check with all A's and
trotted out sound.   Waited till out time and within less than a mile the
horse was "off",   Checked foot, couldn't see anything,  too far to camp to
go on, so returned to vet check.  Lameness was very slight, but still
obvious, seemed to be better since first noticed.   Vet suggested wait a bit
and see if it got better.   It did get less, but we both agreed not good
enough to continue so pulled and trailered back to camp.
During slack times for vets we tried to find exactly where the problem was
as continued to improve.   Only finding was a very small indication of
tenderness with the hoof testers late in the day.  By that time he appeared
sound at a trot.
There was no question that the horse was pulled for lameness.  Was then
surprized to see in ride results RO listed  under pull code.  Would this be
because I brought the horse back after passing the vet check?
Doesn't really matter, doesn't change much, just  not quite accurate in
reasons for non-completions.

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