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IntNewsGroup: Anyone want to go to Chile?

-----Original Message-----
From: Michael and Sharon Foss []
Sent: Sunday, October 07, 2001 12:53 AM
To: Lori & Rick Stewart
Subject: Anyone want to go to Chile?

Hello International Group,
   I have been talking with a vet in Chile. It seems there are some riders interested in coming to the USA to do some rides. Any one interested please let me know. It sounds like it may be possible to work out some leases or trades. They have FEI rides in their country, in fact they have one October 27. It seems they still have a couple of horses to lease/???. I know it's short notice but let me know if you are interested and can have the appropriate credentials from AHSA .
   Let me now if you are interested,
                                                                        Happy Trails,
                                                                        Mike Foss

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