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Re: RC: Electrolytes for People

I've found the best product that works for me is Emer'gen-C by Alacer. It keeps me going with out making me barf with long term uses like you have in an endurance ride.  Gator Aid was never designed for 6, 7, 14 or 20 hours of constant intake.


"Linda B. Merims" wrote:

 A short while back we were talking about keeping people hydrated andproperly electrolyted during long rides; something more sophisticated thanGatorade (which I think of as being Kool-Aid for adults). I came across this packet of electrolytes at Marathon Sports, a runner'ssupply place here in Massachusetts.  It is called Ultima Replenisher.Their web page is: Is it effective?  Don't know, havn't really put it to the test.  Something totry.  The web page supports online purchase, and also has a dealerfinder. Linda B. Merimslbm@naisp.netMassachusetts, USA   

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