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beet pulp and wood

I've been buying Crystal Sugar beet pulp based out of Minnesota since
last year and have never found any wood and have found it to be quite
good.  I'd worried a little last year at one point that I'd gotten a bag
that was old, funny smell to it, but I think the feed store I use to get
it from has a habit of getting older stuff.  I know I'd gotten some
equine senior from them and it was terrible, went back to my old feed
store.  I just got two bags from a feed store closer to home, didn't
realize they carried it last year, and so far I'm very happy.  And when
I mix the water in, I use my hand, I'd feel something out of the
ordinary.  Have you tried calling the company directly and seeing what
they have to say about it?  I'd really like to know if anyone else is
having problems with them.  Debby in Mo

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