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Beet pulp and wood

I have been feeding beet pulp pellets called Manna Pro by the Calf Manna
Company.  I end up soaking the pellets overnight/all day to be fed twice
a day.  In the interest of saving soaking time I bought a bag of
shredded beet pulp w/molasses by Crystal Sugar.  First off I found that
this stuff is always stiff, even with a long soaking.  It doesn't have
the same earthy smell as the pellets did.  I found a hunk of painted
wood, white paint and black lettering about an inch long and 1/4 inch
wide.  I started sifting through this and found tons of slivers of wood.

My question is this:  have any of you who feed beet pulp found wood in
the feed?  Also, what type/brand of beet pulp do you use?  I talked the
feed store about this and they weren't too thrilled to hear that I found
wood in their beet pulp, as a matter of fact, they were pretty indignant
about it and have lost our business.  Now I've got to find another
supplier.  The Calf Manna beet pulp I like but it was apparently a one
time thing at a little feed store in town that won't carry it for me.


Kris and Kolter and Nyke

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