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Re: RC: Electrolytes for People

Hi Linda; Here in the hospital we encourage our patients to drink Gatorade, 
because it is easily tolerated, and it does have some medical benefit.  
Koolaid only has coloring and whatever sugar you add for the most part. I 
take Gatorade on rides usually diluted with water because it is too full of 
sugar for me. I tried the  Ultima Replenisher and it was extremely 
nauseating. I would suggest to anybody before they buy that expensive stuff 
that they try a single dose pack, or a sample pack to see if they can 
stomach it.  It tasted a little better when I diluted it with Gatorade.  I 
find that drinking a lot, and before you get thirsty is a good policy.  I 
don't drink straight water all day in large quantities because of avoiding 
hyponatremia ( ever get swollen fingers?)  and drinking gatorade, throwing a 
banana, or some orange juice in my lunch box for potassium, and some salty 
food like Fritos tends to keep me feeling great for hours even on real hot 
days. You can also prehydrate yourself the day before a ride, avoid alcohol 
and caffeine.   Beth Glover

>From: "Linda B. Merims" <>
>To: <>
>Subject: RC:  Electrolytes for People
>Date: Sun, 7 Oct 2001 10:46:40 -0400
>A short while back we were talking about keeping people hydrated and
>properly electrolyted during long rides; something more sophisticated than
>Gatorade (which I think of as being Kool-Aid for adults).
>I came across this packet of electrolytes at Marathon Sports, a runner's
>supply place here in Massachusetts.  It is called Ultima Replenisher.
>Their web page is:
>Is it effective?  Don't know, havn't really put it to the test.  Something 
>try.  The web page supports online purchase, and also has a dealer
>Linda B. Merims
>Massachusetts, USA

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