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Re: beet pulp and wood

I use Farmers Best shredded beet pup..over 3yrs....have never found anything
in it...other people have used it longer..don't know if they have ever found
anything in theirs...Cora
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From: Debby Stai <>
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Sent: Sunday, October 07, 2001 1:43 PM
Subject: RC: beet pulp and wood

> I've been buying Crystal Sugar beet pulp based out of Minnesota since
> last year and have never found any wood and have found it to be quite
> good.  I'd worried a little last year at one point that I'd gotten a bag
> that was old, funny smell to it, but I think the feed store I use to get
> it from has a habit of getting older stuff.  I know I'd gotten some
> equine senior from them and it was terrible, went back to my old feed
> store.  I just got two bags from a feed store closer to home, didn't
> realize they carried it last year, and so far I'm very happy.  And when
> I mix the water in, I use my hand, I'd feel something out of the
> ordinary.  Have you tried calling the company directly and seeing what
> they have to say about it?  I'd really like to know if anyone else is
> having problems with them.  Debby in Mo
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