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Re: My, how money flies (just for fun)

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From: odd farm

One week later, the stitches come out, the dog gets into a fight with a opossum and the opossum wins. The stupid dog split his neck open and cuts his leg. Crap. I just bought a Myler bit thinking I was done donating to the vet. So, I perform the surgery myself with my daughter's assistance. We scrub up and pull out the tools. Butterfly strips, Teflon pads, Vetrap and duct tape. Total cost: $12.99. When the duct tape falls off, the cuts are healed
*Your post was hysterical....and very true. I actually like that duct tape 2 year old cut her knee....into vet for stitches, lovely job on the stitches and wrap job-two days later she chews it all off.....and stitches out.  Couldn't be restitched, so pressure wraps.....kept chewing those off too....took a month for the darn thing to heal-maybe I should just have ductaped the whole thing.  Cost over $300 for a li ttle cut...but hey, my most expenseive horse, so didn't want a scar.  Would not have mattered with the other horses...

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