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Re: re: Spook and Spin

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From: "Dabney Finch" <>

> While I agree about "sending a horse away" to a trainer (especially if
> arena training), I don't think you should write off the whole idea of
> a trainer work with this horse.
> I have a trainer who comes to my place and takes my horses out on our
> when I don't have the time or inclination.

Yep, it sure does depend on the trainer and what he or she does.  I send a
green Arab mare down to Fred Emigh in Santa Rosa several years ago.  She
wasn't bad....but I had the $ then, and wanted a professional to put miles
on her,  on the trail and get her comfortable going out on her own.  She
came back to us just wonderful; kid broke and safe, and Fred did a terrific
job.  Fred took her through all sorts of obstacles; along traffic, through
ponds, etc.


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