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re: Spook and Spin

While I agree about "sending a horse away" to a trainer (especially if it's
arena training), I don't think you should write off the whole idea of having
a trainer work with this horse.

I have a trainer who comes to my place and takes my horses out on our trails
when I don't have the time or inclination.  (All that shying is No Fun!!)
She rode a very spooky mare I had on short trail rides by herself about 4 or
5 days a week.  In a matter of weeks the mare's spookiness had decreased
markedly.  She became a really fun horse to ride.

A few notes--my trainer has a spooky Arab herself, she has an excellent seat
and is not fearful.  Most important, she knows the difference between when
she should reassure the horse (and introduce it to stuff) versus using some
discipline  to keep the horse forward and straight.

Good luck!!

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