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RideCamp Sainthood

Jennifer Mallory
Ok, can't take it anymore.  After the last few months, I have to bring up
a subject that I think is very relevant to ridecamp!

I would like to nominate these individuals to **RideCamp Sainthood** based
on their following accomplishments:

Susan G:  Superb advice and a wicked sense of humor; need I say more?

Karen Chaton:  XP 2001 blow-by-blow and watching her two superstars
rackin' miles year after year and gettin' stronger and stronger.  Nuff

Julie Suhr:  the Queen of The Last Word and the Original Endurance Saint
(accept no substitutes)

Angie McGhee:  the humor of Robin Williams, the twinkling sage advice of
Erma Bombeck (who can forget the Sponging Olympics?)

Here's a toast to my Saints of Ridecamp!!  Job well done, people!!

Jennifer & the Moose

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