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looking for info or contacts about Side Saddles

Margie Beeson
I just received an old Martin & Martin side saddle that I have had
repaired and would like to make use of. Does anyone have any info on Side
I don't know much about side saddles and need to learn more,
especially how to ride one of these things. First I need to know
what kind of girth it requires and where I could
find one. Also if it is possible to get a used one.

It has 3 billet straps on both sides and on the off side it has
a billet(?) strap on the rear panel coming forward at an
angle and on the near side it has a billet strap(?)
on top of the other 3 billets coming down at an angle to the rear.

Don't think I'll use it for endurance : ) but I would really like to
use it for our re-enactments.

Any info or contacts at all would be greatly appreciated. I went to the
and the WSS. They don't seem to have a great site like this
where folks can get info about a subject.

Thanks so much,

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