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RE: More from Dr. Cook (VERY LONG)

I sure do not.  Just by it self this is a silly statement.  There are too
many horses that have had shoes on most of their lives and are healthy and
in their 20's.  My 20yr old Arab is an example.  He did endurance most of
his live, including 100 milers and toped ten's.  He is very healthy and can
still go down the trail.  
I just to not buy this no shoes nonsense.  Trying to keep the horse in as
"natural" an environment as possible is good, but simply removing shoes and
everything is better no way.  No science behind it.  

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> Shoes are a primary cause of reduced performance, much
> incurable
> lameness and a shortened lifespan.

How many people think this is actually true? A PRIMARY cause of all those
things? I'm really interested to see how many people buy into that
particular statement.

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