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Re: Panecur Granules

Thats pretty pricey/.....comparable to buying the Power Pak......far cheaper
to buy the liquid suspension, worked out to more like $28 per horse to do
the purge
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> Dona Hunter
> I buy the Panecur Granules from my Vet. I live outside of Eugene, Oregon.
> They sell a box of Panecur Granules for $56.00.  There are 20 packets per
> box.  You give 2 packets per feeding twice a day for 5 days.  I just dump
> it in my grain (1 cup of rolled oats with supplements) My horses just eat
> it with no waste.  They don't spit it out.  They object mildly to the
> paste wormers and always seem to spit out a portion of the paste, so I
> don't want to go that route.  I also find the cost a little cheaper.
> Dona
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