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flies & living quarters

Robyn wrote:
"He lived in a box stall for most of his years. He now lives in
pasture. "

I made an observation that the horses in stalls and even fed in their turn 
out sheds had more problems with flies, especially on their belly.  The 
horses are stationary over poop & pee (after all, you can't have the stall 
completely cleaned as soon as the horse poops) and the flies would gather on 
their bellies especially.

Mystery has always been in pasture so we never had this problem, never knew 
it existed until I observed people putting on ointments etc on the horses 
bellies because of the fly bites.

So, just a different possible cause & effect to think about....

Kimberly (&Mystery the Morab..."I hate those big black & yellow ones!")

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