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Re: flies & living quarters

Hi Kim,
Actually this horse has been in pasture the past two years even when I
leased him out. Didn't seem to be much of a difference on the amount of
flies due to living in a pasture,as to compared to when he lived in a box
stall. Like I said before, he was literally a "fly magnet", and the  the
flies were downright horrendous on this particular horse (they would attack
him as if he were were dead or something). Thanks for the thought though.
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> Robyn wrote:
> "He lived in a box stall for most of his years. He now lives in
> pasture. "
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> I made an observation that the horses in stalls and even fed in their turn
> out sheds had more problems with flies, especially on their belly.  The
> horses are stationary over poop & pee (after all, you can't have the stall
> completely cleaned as soon as the horse poops) and the flies would gather
> their bellies especially.
> Mystery has always been in pasture so we never had this problem, never
> it existed until I observed people putting on ointments etc on the horses
> bellies because of the fly bites.
> So, just a different possible cause & effect to think about....
> Kimberly (&Mystery the Morab..."I hate those big black & yellow ones!")
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