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ILPH Letter (Strasser)

Here is a response to the ILPH letter.  It was written by Yvonne Welz, who is the editor/publisher of The Horses Hoof, a newsletter for the Strasser method.  The website she refers to is
> It's on my website too (on the news page but kind of lost in the middle)
> here is my letter. And when will this thing ever stop resurfacing? People
> just keep clinging to it as though it were some kind of proof!!! When I
> sent this letter below to the Horse and Hound in Great Britain, they
> actually revised their article (which was based on the ILPH one) to
> include my point of view. I thought that was very respectable of them.
> Yvonne
> March 7, 2001
> An article provided by the ILPH (International League for the Protection
> of Horses) is circulating among several news agencies. This article
> contained some misinformation, and I would like to set the record
> straight.
> "The Strasser Method, as practiced by Dr. Hiltrud Strasser, advocates
> that horses should not be shod and that, after a short 3-day course,
> owners are capable of trimming their own horse's feet."
> This is a bit misleading. In fact, attendants of the Strasser Basic
> Hoofcare seminar must sign a waiver stating that they CANNOT learn to
> trim in only 3 days. Horseowners are capable of beginning very basic,
> supervised trimming on their HEALTHY horse after a 3- day, 24 hour
> introductory course. They are expected to stay continually supervised by
> a Strasser certified professional. The situation in the UK is very
> different than in other countries, such as the US, where it is completely
> legal for any one to trim any horse. In the US, we hope to eventually
> have enough Strasser Certified Hoofcare Specialists to provide direct
> trimming services for horses with unhealthy hooves.
> "It teaches that every horse, pony, or donkey should have its feet
> trimmed to exactly the same pattern, irrespective of breed, size or
> conformation."
> This is incorrect. Every horse has different trimming needs, which is why
> this is quite complicated to learn. What is wrong for one horse can be
> correct for another. This is why there needs to be Certified Hoofcare
> Specialists, with a very high level of training, readily available to
> help those interesting in undertaking this method. The hooves are trimmed
> to the shape of the coffin bone. Studies of healthy, natural equine
> hooves show a distinct pattern, which is why there can be guidelines
> given for the angles of most hooves. But the similarities stop there, and
> each horse is trimmed somewhat differently according to his needs.
> "One follower who treated her laminitic pony using the Strasser approach,
> has published her story on Dr Strasser website"
This website does not belong to Dr. Strasser-- she is technical editor
> for my publication, The Horse's Hoof. This website belongs to me, Yvonne
> Welz. I have spent several years studying and applying her methods, and
> have witnessed so many incredible success stories in my own backyard as
> well as around the United States and Canada, that the validity of her
> approach has proven itself to me. What anyone else decides is up to them,
> I simply provide the information to those who seek it out.
> Other versions of this article are circulating on several British news
> services:
> "Any attempt to radically alter an abnormal foot shape is not, in my
> view, something an amateur should attempt."
> This is never recommended. Horseowners are expected to seek help from a
> Certified Hoofcare Specialist in any case of hoof abnormality.
> "Whilst there is some logic to the Strasser method, it is extremely
> irresponsible to encourage individuals to make significant changes to
> their horses feet without adequate supervision or training."
> Of course, horseowners need to seek out help from a Certified Hoofcare
> Specialist trained in this method, who can ensure the road to success for
> the horse and owner. No one is ever encouraged to trim without training
> and supervision.
> It is hoped that the negative overtones of this article do not mislead
> readers and prevent them from discovering the simple truths of the
> Strasser Method. There is no other approach to horse care that is more
> humane. Dr. Strasser removes the anthropomorphism that most humans have
> in their attitudes towards what a horse really needs. Strasser's method
> simply places the needs of the horse over the needs of the human (and
> human needs are usually selfish, with the comfort and convenience of the
> human placed first.)
> And while everyone seems to be so worried about the simple trimming of
> feet (especially the farriers?), there really are more important cruelty
> issues to be worried about. I hope everyone is more concerned about the
> horses being slaughtered daily, or the show horses with iron chains
> around their pasterns or ones undergoing surgery to mutilate their bodies
> into show ring perfection, or the countless horses murdered for insurance
> money, or even just the horses locked in tiny dark box stalls their whole
> lives...
> --Yvonne M. Welz
> Yvonne Welz
> Editor
> The Horse's Hoof, News for Natural Hoofcare
> P.O. Box 40
> Litchfield Park, AZ 85340-0040
> Fax (623) 935-3572
> website:
> e-mail:
> mailinglist:

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