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One thing that has bothered me all along about the barefoot thread is that in reality, those of us who are having success barefoot are using the Strasser method (I believe this is true - please anyone correct me if that isn't the case).  I have stayed away from using the "S" word (Strasser) because I think that will lead others to view me as more of a zealot if I use it.  But it is misleading to refer to what we are doing as just having our horses "barefoot".
The trim is what makes this method work, and why it is different.  It is why people are having success now, while in the past barefoot didn't work in many situations.
I'm not saying that only the Strasser method can produce good results, what produces good results is the correct trim.  A horse who is barefoot and not trimmed properly can undoubtedly be worse off than a shod horse.  And even with using the Strasser method, alot of time and conditioning on proper terrain is needed for success.  This is definently more work than the alternative. Someone who isn't able or willing to undertake the method as a whole shouldn't do it - the method won't be successful and horse would be better off shod.
Many people have relayed that they have had problems with barefoot horses in the past, and therefore don't believe it can be done.  I respect their choices in doing what they believe is best for their horses, and know that it is based on their experience.  But please realize that we are talking about something different here, and give the experiences we are having some consideration.
Yes, there are many endurance horses who have done thousands of miles shod with no apparent ill-effects.  In general, endurance horses do better shod than most horses - mostly because they get alot of exercise (circulation) and are reshod frequently (less hoof deformation).  But (to paraphrase Susan G regarding alfalfa hay) consider that they may do well in spite of shoeing rather than because of it.
From now on I'll refer to Strasser rather than use the generic term "barefoot".  I encourage others to do the same.
Kathy Kelly & Gabriel
Parks AZ

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