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Re: RE: RE: Bibliographies on Barefoot Info for Sue, Truman, etc.

karen standefer
I don't think any of us are suggesting that a trim can heal all these
woes.  Maybe one of the things that hasn't been mentioned is that the
"Strasser Method", that is being quoted, has a whole lot more to do with
the way a horse is kept.  It's not just trimming the hooves correctly.  It
means natural boarding, no blankets, no leg wraps, free choice to
foods/minerals, lots of movement, etc.  However, is IS the total package
that helps to prevent most of the illnesses currently debilitating our
horses.  Certainly, none of us are firing our vets.    There is good,
sound reasoning behind every bit of it...........way more than can be
spouted in this medium.  Read the book.  It will answer your questions
that cannot be answered by those of us who do not have scientific or
medical backgrounds, but do have logical reasoning abilities. <g>  no
comments!  I know what you're all thinking right now, but we haven't
flipped our lids and we haven't lost our faculties :-)



I haven't read the book, so don't know.  I certainly hope not.  But given shall we say...exalted flavor of some of the posts I've received
privately, I can very well see someone thinking they can solve all ills
trimming instead of more appropriate allopathic medicine.  I've seen it
happen with nutrition fad theories, totally unsupported by very basic
science, that promise incredible results and it's the horse that pays for
in the end.  Just this morning someone sent me an excerpt from a
companies website where they claim sodium is converted to
anyone who's ever taken freshman chemistry knows doesn't happen outside a
supernova.  It's amazing what people will claim, and often get away with.

Look, I don't care if people duct tape Reeboks on their horse's feet to
it move right.  My only objection is when smoke and mirrors are used to
an idea or product, when if a theory is strong enough, straightforward
science should have been enough.  As always, JMO.

Susan G

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