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Professional Recommendations for Dr. Strasser

karen standefer
This may have already been posted here.  I'm not sure.  Dr. Strasser was
FAME (American Farrier's Journal); CLASS OF 2001 by Dr. Cook.

Eleanor Kellon had this intro regarding Dr. Cook on the HorseScience site:
"For those of you who don't know the name, Dr. Cook is held in the highest
regard on both sides of the Atlantic."

Dr. Cook's nomination is linked below.  I believe this should give enough
credibility to Dr. Strasser's lifetime works to at least warrant that
people read her text books.  Dr. Cook feels that every vet and farrier
should read it as part of their education and every horseman should have
it in their library.

It's not quackery, or a fad.  It's an answer to why our horses are retired
in their mid teens and then die, sometimes, before living 50% of what use
to be the expected life of a horse.  Not that we don't have horses that
defy all and work into their 20s, and quite successfully.  But, doesn't it
make you wonder why so many have such severe arthritis or unexplained
lamenesses that they can't work past 15 or so?

There really isn't any way  that all us barefoot quacks <g>  can argue
details here without reciting the whole book.   I believe that the hoof
plays a much bigger role in the overall health of the horse than most of
us have every realized before.

So, for everyone speculating on what's correct and what's hogwash, I'd
urge you to take Dr. Cook's advice, buy the books and read them.


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